Carkeepers: The Professional Car Concierge Service

Carkeepers: The Professional Car Concierge Service

Let's face it, cars are expensive, and maintaining them can be difficult. At Carkeepers we want to eliminate the stress altogether. Because maintaining your car, shouldn’t be a pain. CarKeepers has the solution to take the procrastination, doubting, DIYing and Over-Scheduling out of car maintenance.

The Procrastinator

You drive around with the check engine light on for weeks hoping the car doesn’t stop working on the way to the office.

The Doubter

You get estimate after estimate from mechanic and mechanic, unsure of who to trust with your vehicle.

The DIYer

You search online to diagnose and fix every little noise and drip to save you money.

The Over-Scheduler

You have too many commitments, not enough time so your car maintenance continues to fall by the way-side.

Let us come to you to handle your car maintenance. We’ll show up where you tell us; your house, your office, the golf course? Ok, we’ll be there. We will visually inspect your entire car and schedule your oil changes, along with any other repairs that your car may need. We’ll also be on call, if you ever need anything outside of our scheduled inspections of service, just reach out to us and we’ll be there.
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